Walking The Shore

Written by: Ricky Brown



1-8-2013 Walking The Shore
 Tomorrow,just as today,I begin to wonder,
 How much I would like to walk the shore,
 As the same as I did,once long before,
 Those memories do not fade,even if in thundering rain
 Or more so now that I have my cane,
 I met you once there,I was not alone,
 Your eyes sparkled,like the stars far beyond,
 As if the same,a memory or a dream,it's what I want,
 To return with my kite to fly,my feet to sink ,my mind to awake,
 Feel the warm sand through your open hands,
 Kiss the smile -right off your face,like the waves curls before the break ,
 I am here now writing in the wind,
 Sharing with you where I stand,beside the busy sea,
 I shall stay as long as I can,willing to fill you in,with my favorite pen.