Paraphrasing Adolf Hitler

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

"In order for one to conquer a nation,
one must first disarm the nation's citizens."
- Adolf Hitler
..and that's the true reason for our second amendment.
It was established to prevent the over throw of our government,
by they elected who do not The People truly represent,
be they any of the many elected, appointed or hired public servants
including and not limited to our government's elected or appointed president.
Disarming Our Nation
Will Be Our Ultimate Damnation.
It would be way to much of an accessible temptation
for the powers that be 
who pursue power with greed 
for ultimately world domination,
and if you believe that such a thing is a far fetched ridiculous notion,
well that's exactly how the powers that be want you to continue thinking. the meantime I say, "Leave Alone My 2nd Amendment!"