free cee They are too small i ANT SEE THEM

Written by: jeffry cohan


I see them, little ants scurrying about
some certain, some filled with doubt
I see them, scurrying here and hurrying there
some courageous, some filled with fear

each of them with their own job to do
that one is in charge of a very few
but the big one over there in the center 
he's the big shot with a sign “do not enter”

these ants sometimes seem so primitive to me
other times it seems as though they know how things should be
each helping the other with the offering of a hand
I watched these ants long enough to understand

they dig little tunnels to get places fast
they send signals to each other about the future and the past
but no one pays attention to the warning they should heed
because some little ants don't mind stealing, harming or greed

there are good ants and there are bad ants
there are ants in raggedy clothes and some in fancy pants
there are some the others don't care for i.e. the lame, the hungry and the blind
now you see, this whole description was actually a metaphor about mankind          
            © 2012......copyright PHREEPOETREE~free cee!~