Written by: Gracie Bawden

Do you remember when we ended up at that scrapyard?
(Running some errand for your mother or mine)
The cars were lined up 
Bonnets crushed
Windows smashed
Seat stuffing gathering in foot wells
And you slid your fingers between my own and squeezed
Bone against bone.

You said you never felt so alone.

I saw metal
You saw flesh
I saw half empty boots
And you saw half fulfilled potential
I saw families just trying to get by
Swapping crumpled aluminium for crisp clean notes

You saw us.

Wasted on gravel
Stripped of names and memories
Left only as scarred shells
That would soon be melted down
And forgotten

That night we made love in your car
Let hips press against hips
Let hips press against steering wheel
Your fingers grasped at torn interior 
And we moved to the rhythm of a radio 
That couldn’t quite find its station