Ah Yes, Do You Perhaps Remember

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Ah yes, do you remember

The reasons for the American revolution?
Wasn’t one because of religious persecution?
How about morals before their convolution?
When presidents upheld the constitution?

When  the amendments
weren’t pretendments ?

And the system of checks and balances soared? 
When hating evil was not untoward?
Little babies were welcomed and adored?
Instead of being killed and abhorred?

Ah yes can you remember a True loving God?
Before liberal factions buried Him under sod?
When living wasn’t all in an Ipod?
Children spoiled by sparing the rod?

What life was before this slippery slope?
when doors were unlocked and life held hope?
Will it ever be that way again?
If without God,…. then …When?