The Butterfly Effect

Written by: samantha townsend

I'm sitting here staring at a white wall, i can still see my baby's face,
kissing me and saying i love you mom, and out of his mouth comes........
a swarm of butterflies and he fades away, they are black and orange with huge eyes on the wings, in these eyes i see a sillohette  of a little girl , sitting on the steps,
praying that dad doesn't get upset, having might have to face the consequence.

Behind her sets a house of pain, all the anger has ignited a raging flame, as the house burns there she still sits, counting the ashes that fall as all the wishes missed, as the fire crackles, she can still hear every word,as the heat gets stronger it just feels like another hit occurred. 

In her hand she has a stick, she draws a butterfly,she closes her eyes and boards it.
She flies away leaving her family behind, she has no pain as she hears her mom's cries,it's only fair to feel that way, after all if her mom loved her she wouldn't have stayed.