A Night Splendid

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Violet blue filled the color of the blind night
Beneath the sprinkle of flashy star dust, I felt the breeze
Gazing upon the skies with no limitation
Underneath my mind cavity, I amazed

Moonlit hid beyond its shadow
As if reluctantly shared the gleam next to my car's window
Though, the beauty of this bliss conquer my anxiety
Bring me back to the shelter of my sanity

My mouth shut but my imagination crawling
The silhouette of my days as though reflected in constellations
And the cotton clouds pretend to be the angel's wings
Night flapping its miracle in magic

Seek for some splendor through the night whisper
Still I stunned staring at the skies in fully manner
Statued at the parking lot, people might think that I'm crazy
One voice call out my name and bring me back to my reality