Zippety Do Da Day

Written by: Jack Ellison

Well, Zippity Do Da Day! It's an absolutely beautiful day The sun is shining ever so brightly What more is there to say? It's just like winning the lotto Feeling great about my health What more could I really ask for Don't need a bunch of wealth This may seem a bit over the top These phrases dripping with honey But hey that's how I'm feeling right now Can't change that for paper money I really wish I could transfer some Maybe scrape off a layer or two Gladly share it with my P-Soup friends 'Cause you guys are all true blue You support me when I'm feeling down Though that doesn't happen often You send me bouquets tied up in rhyme Surely couldn't help but soften Why am I blessed with this happy stuff While others are feeling despair? It really doesn't seem quite right to me It really doesn't seem very fair Don't know where it all originates So I'll sing Zippity Do Da Day! Enjoy this gift that's been given to me On this absolutely beautiful day! © Jack Ellison 2012