A Village Flood

Written by: Terry Trainor

Thunder storms raged forth in grandeur and the rain fell splashing in torrents,
The brook water levels rose and burst their banks flooding walk ways and paths,
Drains around buildings became blocked with shifting gravel, paper and leaves,
Through the villages and county towns people with umbrella's lined the streets.

Men with bags and old coats on their shoulders to open their flooding drains,
They used fire-shovels, spades, rakes, rods almost anything that came to hand,
Where one minute all is silent profound, hot the sky, dark tinged with yellow,
Then, a few minutes the roar of streams bursts forth flooding a hundred homes

Hurrying down the declivities, glens are loud with turbid brooks and streams,
Water rushes rushes along the roads at the feet of hilly green corn pastures,
Seconds ago we walked on the dry ground then after the roar it was knee deep,
A crash of thunder on the hill tops pealing and reverberating again and again.

Rushing waters down steps in great lines of white foam over brown muddy water,
The wild sough and murmur through the whole darkened, yellow tinged, warm air,
As quick as it came, it went and the sky turned to clear watery turquoise blue,
On the telephone wire sat a Corn Bunting singing a jingling song without a tune.