the gentle boy

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The Gentle Boy

This evening the sunset was red and I thought of blood oranges,
 sold in shops before Yule. This was long time ago when tropical 
fruit was a rarity, like bananas and coconuts. In the shop that sold 
sweets and fruit I bought four oranges and two bananas, 
the citrus didn´t look like the right thing but I was too shy to 
argue. … They were not. But mother peeled them cut them into 
pieces and put strawberry jam on top.  Mother, when young, was 
fearless, next day she went to the shop, spoke her mind and came 
home with four blood oranges the shopkeeper had given her in 
fear of her lashing, tongue. Remembering this I know being gentle 
is good as long as you don´t let people take advantage of you