Wole Soyinka

Written by: Badmus Ridwan O

Covered with prowess
Like mushrooms on a rock
Afraid not to speak
And spit-spat on the demon's face
A man as a battalion
In war with the rotten maggot
A man of great intellect
Thrown into the dark silent cage
Like a snake isolated
A man challenged to death by death
But break it's back, death
Ne-gust Nagast of the black lands
Bayonet for the oppressor's heart
The dictator's foe
Literary works like bullets to their stomach
A pin to the dog's tongue pouting
The first man ever
To be festooned pimento
Pursued by death closely
But Nadelo came to his rescue
A man with epaulette
Oloye of Egbaland
My hand raise to my kepi
Like a python ready to strike
I salute!