Mind control

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

Your formidable beauty controls my eyes,
As I try to stare straight through you,
Just seems impossible because I'm distracted by 
your gorgeous brown eyes and your amazingly 
different smile,
There's more to you than your beauty,
I felt it when I felt your life changing kiss,
Felt my soul being sucked away,
Making me weak so you can control my mind,
Just so I can be inlove with you,
I released myself from that piercing kiss like 
cupid's arrow,
I was hoping to feel different,
Your mind control has got a lock on me now,
I want to be free.

You had full control over me,
You kept my heart beating,
You controlled every thought pattern I had because 
it was always about you,
My mind was about you,
My heart beats when I'm around you,
My lungs gasp when I see you,
Let me free!
Let me go,
I don't want to be controlled by you anymore.

I ran away to be free,
But I couldn't understand why I felt so empty,
I felt so lost,
Could you control me from this far?
Maybe I am free and you never had control over 
Maybe I was wrong after all this time,
I think I'm inlove with you.