A broken heart fixed

Written by: Tarah Simon

You told me that we 
would be together forever... 
and boy did I believe you. 
you said I was the only one 
you needed.... 
and boy did I believe you. 
I told you were my first boyfriend 
I had ever had. 
I put my heart in your hands 
and you broke it and walked 
away and let me to pick up the 
pieces and fix it... 
and boy did I fix it 
I am as strong as I will 
ever be. I cant say I regret what 
happened between us because 
I would not be as strong as I am now... 
and boy I know you can see the change 
so thank you for breaking my heart so the real 
me would shine as bright as stars. 
p.s. I never cried over you