French were foiled in 1797

Written by: Seren Roberts

There almost was an invasion
By the french but was foiled
A wench stopped the battalion
By getting them well oiled

Jemina  N  had the gumption
To take them to the inn
Rushed them to the publican
Whose beer was served within

She soon rallied up the women
Dressed in national dress
French thought it was a battalion
Surrended with no fuss

No thoughts on Bristol and London
No longer wanted to fight them
So was a foregone conclusion
No courage in boozed men.

To honour these brave welsh women
A tapestry was made
A pretty commemoration
To women of Fishguard

Thanks to the feisty West Walian Women led by Jemina Nicholas.  In 1797 the French intension to invade Bristol and London, was foiled.  Last attempt for anyone to invade Britain 

Penned by  Seren Roberts

9th January 2013