American Super Bugs

Written by: Mya Thein


     "American Super Bugs." 

In a Big City, not long ago, 
bedbugs grow like turtles, so big were their torso,
they thrived on blood, and became Super Bugs,
to men who were drunk every night, when time is right 
bugs did not bite but they shun to avoid.
To all the ladies, bugs strife and bugs bite,
ever continuing their bites, night after night, 
the bites that never end in sight.

The ladies were bitten everywhere, 
in a rented apartment that they dwell,
causing even eyelids to blisters and swell 
thank you bugs, for not entering the orifices as well.

When Terminex tried to terminate, 
they found that bugs were hard to eradicate.  
Bugs bite back, and bugs hide in beds
bugs thrives in sheds, and bugs keep coming back.
To a hotel, the two ladies had to flee 
in a spree, bugs followed them with a glee,
Help! Help!, two of them cried for plea, 
the bugs were the notorious of the species of the fleas.
Having the worst of the bites, the ladies ever had in their life, 
the ladies gave-up, & flew home taking a flight.

By Dr Ko Ko Thein (U.S.A)
Salt Lake City.