Written by: Terry Noack


I'll never know his name nor assume his thoughts,
This man I saw perchance today

Approaching from a distance I paid not much mind

Closer yet, the eyes adjust to features I have known 
This man perchance I've met?

His walk is slow, and carefully he treads
The pavement's edge on  wooded back country road

No smile graced his face, but simple warmth did so exude 
This ragged man I met perchance today

No words exchanged, just one perplexing gaze
As quickly I sped by

This world of mine, this world of his
Perchance they do collide?

I wonder now if I had stopped and gathered all my thoughts,
Engaged him in the spoken word within his world and mine

What would I learn perchance?

Would I learn that men are not created equal? 
That all men are intertwined somehow?

I judge not men by countenance alone ,
but by the spoken word

I listened with my heart to words unsaid

An honest man I think perchance I met
By the side of the road this day

And me the poorer man for sure
Perchance, perchance, perchance