A Poem of the Seashore

Written by: kathryn collins

A Poem of the Seashore
For Lynn

A poem of the seashore;
would you write one for me
of the shells and sliding sand?

All I see is horizon
releasing the moon
from a European land.

Behind in the east there's
a whisper so slight from a
place of seedling sun:

"Why do you stand at
the brink of night with dreams
that may not come"?

"Count on my light 
of daily routine,
obvious, safe, in tune."

I can't; I can't; there's
more to be had from
the place of the rising moon. 

I was born in the
gloaming of ocean surf 
at the brink of my dreams
at the edge of the earth. 

┬ęKathryn McLoughlin Collins
January 8, 2013