One, Two, Three, Four We Don't Want Your Stinkin' Wars

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Johnny got his gun that May day
sent by Nixon's cronies to betray unarmed souls
to Kent State with rifles, bayonets,
and thirteen students were gunned down on the grass knoll.

With cries against Dick's bloody war
young civilians burned and swore, "bring the warriors home."
They had enough of gore and lies
of Unconstitutional Wars and napalm bone.

We've guns at home, guns abroad
"What are we fighting for?" they cried out, and were killed
Few even remember a name 
of four young people, Allison, Jeff, Sandra and Will.

A Republic formed by revolt
remembers well how to gain, get your gun my son
for Big Brothers got his again
and a bullets a very hard thing to outrun.

*The Kent State Massacre - May 4, 1978
Never never forget your own government took rifle toting
bayonette pointed troops onto college campuses and killed
four unarmed students, youths and wounded more, paralyzing 
one. If they could do this.....