Written by: Louise Holley

LOOSELY the days intertwine with other days
Like in wakeful sleep I tumble and fall at every boulder, block and pebble
Meanwhile, those fanciful crowds of scavenging faces stand booing,
Jeering and sniggering at my every inward... and outward stride.

When I stumble they cheer and clap.
Waiting for the moment I fall, in smug anticipation.

Maybe it’s all in my mind
But it feels very real.

Like I’m on the stage
The spotlight, glaring down upon me.
In close up
Every step, turn, look, flick of my hair 
Focused upon
I feel reluctant to put on this self parade 
Too private a person to be looked at and scrutinized

I SMILE, and I DANCE and I carry on regardless looking straight ahead
 Because I will not let them beat me
The beat in my heart is irregular…it is unique only to me.
 They look on because I am noticeable
Like a Tornado

They can see I don’t walk the line like they do.
They want me to
 They can’t understand me
Or be like me.
My spirit isn’t tamed easily
I walk my own line...Jump on my wagon and see?
 It’s very different from what you may be used to
I walk with my head up…my shoulders back
Proudly and honestly
With respect, for my own way of life.