Rocket in my pocket

Written by: Louise Holley

Rocket in my pocket

I'm told you made a bonfire, 
lit a match, threw it my way 
All the gossips burning 
like you hoped it would..... 
but now the wind is changing 
and all the ash has made you grey 
and you're coughing up on guilt 
just like you should. 

once were friends 
now are not 
your mouth opened 
mine stayed shut 
you opened yours deliberately 

now its all, 
off your chest, 
you wonder, 
if ill protest, 
and spew your sins vindictively 

There's a box 
inside my head 
for everything 
that's done or said 
a promised lock that is unbreakable. 

If honor 
were the key 
Then they'd need 
to torture me 
cause the contents are UN-take-able 

There's a rocket in my pocket 
There's a banger in my hand 
and I’d love to set them off 
but I'm not going to. 
id rather keep my self-respect 
Not that you'd understand 
so ill keep them in my pocket 
Cause I'm not like you.