The battle of love

Written by: kasim ishmael

There’s something happening 
Deep inside of me
In a part of my heart
That no one ever see

And this is all so strange to me
Cause there’s a smile on my face
And the world out side is saying
Welcome back to the human race

But how can this be
All she did was talk to me
How can I feel her so close?
When she lives in a different country

But she got my heart
She owns my soul
And she gives me hope
From the other side of the world

I can’t explain the way I feel
I know its love because it feels so right
And this love is worth dying for
I won’t give up with out a fight

The sun is shining
The birds in the sky’s
Never have I seen this vision
Before in front my eyes

And I’m not afraid of it
Like I did so many years
Hiding my self from the world
Thinking nobody cares

I’m so captivated by her
Because she change my life
And as long as she holds my heart
There’s nothing I can’t survive

And I can’t explain the way I feel
But its love I know for sure
And I will literally give my life
Cause true love is worth dying for

And when ever there are some thing good
Many will try to put it down
But if they get the same chance
They will never say it’s wrong

True love is a battle worth fighting for
It’s not a war worth losing
For god didn’t bring us together
Because he thought it was amusing

This love was made in heaven
And I will fight for it with my last breathe
And I will never give up on you 
For the battle of love is not over yet

And I will never run away
For the fire of passion will always burn
And the final victory is to be in your arms
And the true meaning of love is learn