The Ego Monster

Written by: Louise Holley

The ego monster came one day and settled near a vulnerable soul
Begot intended alteration, to turn Diamond, into coal
This soul it hurt from melancholy, a lost and lonely, sobbing mess
Perceived, drastic solutions, might remedy their grief and stress.
It whispered false suggestions, that soul needed none and was alone
And tricked the soul with toxic trust, then set it on a paper throne

The soul required more conformation of how unique. they lusted be
Then faked a mirror of illusion of everything they wished to see.
The ego monster taught soul words like biggest, toughest, richest, best
Offered soul a moral compass, that turned north to south and east to west.
Injected soul with huge desires to gain more power than they deserved
Convinced soul that their path was straight, though it was warped and curved.

One day whilst strolling round the past, desiring to re-visit there
Soul glanced into another them, a them, which laughed without a care
Then felt cold shards, cut cold shut eyes, saw emptiness within desire
And wondered why their heart was numb, when once there had been fire

They set upon an expedition to fix the damage to their soul
Compass in hand they trod the journey back, to fill the empty hole
The road was not as they remembered, signs there, did not belong
The compass pointed south, not north their compass must be wrong?

So blindly they retraced their steps to victories that they’d thought they’d won
Victories that they soon regretted, when they saw the damage they had done
The flimsy paper throne collapsed, as shame weighed heavy upon heart
At last they stood there, mortal, towing tons of wrongs upon their kart.

With open eyes and open mind they turned and faced their foe
Reluctant to face truths and lies, which lay within that ego
They battled insecurity, fought doubts and vanity
Till somewhere hid between it all they hacked up sanity

The harshest lessons learned are those that burn our souls repeatedly
A fool is only foolish when repeating their stupidity
Torturing ourselves for life about mistakes we now regret.
De-valuates the wisdom learned from wrongs we can’t forget
The ego monster searches for the anxious and defenseless
It’s swallowed, viewed, it’s said and heard, it’s touched, its smelt It's senseless
It’s thought about too often, confused with supremacy
But wisdom, strength and courage live in souls who’ve learned humility.