i blame you my love

Written by: Isabel vicuna

Not that long ago i was in another 
state of mind.
Now i blame you,  for today i feel 
everything full of life.

My world was sad and cold and in 
need of so much light.
Now i blame you, for my days and 
nights are always bright.

You just came into my life and 
manage to get inside my heart.
now i blame you for the nights i get 
sad cause we are so far apart.

When we workout in your bed and 
you play with me in so many ways.
Now i blame you for my body wants 
to be with you always.

You somehow take my breath away 
with the special way u treat me.
I blame you now for making me feel 
im valuable lately.

All your loving makes me wanna do 
better in life.
Now i blame you for picking me up 
when i was down.

I blame you for every wonderful 
feeling i now feel...