Dear my Heart


Why you don’t take care and nourish-
 Nourish me with omega 3 and the like-
Look, with their being how people are tight-
Everything they do to keep well and right-
Walking, jogging and reading the lipids-
Checking beats and the valve lids-
I said, my dear heart-
You really are smart-
Never have you slept or you rest-
About you that’s great-
But for me nature’s thoughts are the best-
The creatures, the insects the birds, and their nests-
In natures lap all are blessed-
When death comes I will not be there-
Untill I am alive death cannot be there-
So why I should be afraid of something-
That I will never meet-
My heart dear –
Under the fear-
Why should I stop loving the nature-?
Which fills in me the delight-
Called Life.