Gerber Baby 2

Written by: Juanita Thorn

For the Gerber Baby Contest

I knew God loved me on the day
He entrusted me with my daughters’ soul
The most important job to ever come my way
The greatest gift I would ever behold

Lost in thought, I’m mesmerised by the image before me
Laura is my babe, so precious 
A moment frozen in time, Laura was three
Her giggles brought joy…so infectious

A face…round, smooth, creamy complexion
Big brown almond shaped eyes with power to beguile
A nose so pert, so cute, utter perfection
Rosy red lips always upturned in a smile

Long blonde hair, curls in abundance
Reminiscent of Rumpelstiltskin’s spun gold thread
My very own Angel gives my life sustenance
Intertwined delicately, the gold flecks spread

This photo stirs up love, so strong, so pure
A joyous heart, a joyous mind, my heart overflowing
The love of a mother and child, there is no truer
And now the touch and the embrace of my daughter I’m craving.

My name is Juanita and I used a photo of my gorgeous (once) baby girl, when she was around 3-4 (now 17). Her perfect featured face and long blonde curly hair that framed her angelic of my favourite pics.

©copyright Juanita Torr