If Man Were an Island

Written by: Madalin Bickel

If man were an island,
Woman would be a continent.
I know this because
I must have a man in my life.
It is a fact that embarrasses me.
I have known many; married two.

They were such a disappointment.
From the bedroom to the garage,
From the vows to the denials,
Marriage was nothing more than
Mothering a needy male of the
Species known as Homo sapiens.

They wouldn't carry in the groceries
Or carry out the garbage.
They wouldn't pick up a sock
Or wash a dish.
They wouldn't do enough
To free me to do the rest.

There wasn't any reason for
Them to exist.
There was no intimacy.
I did without; not knowing
What I was missing until
I was old, worn out, and lonely.

God should have made Eve
and left the extra rib for
the wolves.