Now That Day Is Done

Written by: Deb Wilson

How precious are the dreams we weave
when all has fallen away.
Amazing what we can achieve
when given one more day.

Time is drifting through the heather;
can't you feel it changing?
In spite of this inclement weather
life is rearranging.

Pastel pictures,painted skies
just music for the soul
Drops of moonlight fill the eyes
and sunlight takes it's toll.

We'll find the strength to move along;
defy this journey's end.
Captured on the brink of song
we allow ourselves to bend.

Compromise is what we'll live;
it makes the world spin 'round.
Compassion is the gift we give
without breathing a sound.

And when our day is truly done
we'll gather near the edge.
Clasping hands we fly as one
Go soaring from the ledge.