A Man Stood Part II

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

A Man Stood Part II Story/poem A man was standing by his window on a cold winter day. He was thinking about his past, when a phone call came. It brought him back to reality. He answers and says hello. the other voice says - hello, are you Ben? He says - yes, but who are you? The voice said - before I answer. I have a question. he said - alright. Are you married? He said no. The other voice said - I'm the blast from your past. For a moment, he stood quiet, than he asked - are you my Lucy? The other voice said yes I am. Suddenly the past has come back to hunt him. He reflexes for a moment. Then he asks - where is my daughter? His memorey has not left him yet. He remembers that he has another daughter. many questions he had. He wanted to know many things. He found out that he had grandkids. His daughter was living in another state, but his grandkids were very close to him. He got to meet the oldest granddaughter and her kids that day. He got to meet his daughter two months later. All was going well, until he found out that his daughter was not the perfect child. Their relationship did not go well after that. Of course the mother was to blame. she had not raised her daughter right. The mother is always to blame. all I can say is that we do what we can in life. I got to see him seven months later, after I found him. It had been forty years. A lot can happen in forty years, people change. He looked very different. He said that he had loved me a lot. The thing is that he had a strange way of showing it. The relationship with his daughter is not good. She don't talk much to him. He still lives alone. I got to meet his cat. He never again got married. He now has plenty of time to think. We don't know what the future holds. All I know is that this is not the end. Life brings us many surprises. When the past comes back to the present - what do we do?
01/07/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo. To be continued