Gerber Baby

Written by: Juanita Thorn



Frank Daniel Gerber, with his son Daniel Frank
Worked to create an image that would fill in the blank
Labels on the their tins of stewed baby food 
To give the 1928 ad campaign attitude

So they put out the feelers for artwork galore
Paintings, portraits, drawings and more
Bombarded them from every direction
Til an unfinished charcoal drawing caught their attention

An unfinished charcoal sketch Dorothy Smith submitted 
“This is the winner!!” the Gerber men admitted
The vision that would become internationally known
Had been discovered….the seeds were sown

With blonde wavy hair, soft to the touch
Big round eyes that express so much
Pink rosy cheeks that beg for a squeeze
Cherubim lips that can bring a grown person to their knees

Gerber Baby is still as popular today
It keeps getting stronger with each and every yesterday
This Angelic face graces many a label
Serving American toddlers at the dinner table.
©copyright Juanita Torr