Written by: lola barron

Today I think I'll be a tiger
With stripes that are yellow and black.
I'll roar through the jungle with eyes on my prey. 
I'll be ready for any attack.

Or maybe I'll be like a monkey,
Dark brown and with eyes small and round.
I'll swing through the trees by my long curly tail
And I'll never come down to the ground.

Then maybe I won't be a creature
But I'll be a pirate instead.
I'll have an eyepatch, a scar and a cutlass
And bandana tied tight round my head.

I could be a brave Super-hero
With face mask to hide the real me.
I'll jump from tall buildings and help save the world
And I'll still make it back home for tea.

But if, when it comes to selection,
I find it too hard to decide.
There's someone I know who can help me to choose.
The face painter. It's my  birthday. I'm five.