Acme Techno Trolls

Written by: Carol Eastman

My hubby is a techno genius; he can fix anything that was made, at any time.
Yesterday he fixed my vacuum, for the hundredth time, from Nineteen-sixty-one.
And guess who was watching intently: yes, our friendly basement Trolls, of course.
Amazed by gadgets, screwdrivers, and such, love from their eyes, shone forth.

The next morning utility belts full of tools were hung, from around their waists.
They looked for something close to fix. They had to start, right now, right away.
That sunny morn ‘Acme Techno Trolls’ was born, the best, you know, around.
They were gifted… you might say, ‘a blessing’ to everyone with a tech, at home.

They fit a niche for those wives of tinkers, who won’t let go of anything that’s old.
Troll’s can tear anything apart, for near nothing; hammers are their specialty, of course.
When they are done, no parts will be found… ready for your tech to find, in the rebound.
So if it’s time for ‘out with the old and in with the new’, you know just what to do.

My dear friends, they’re good at what they do… This I can solemnly tell you.
And a bonus feature is- when they say it’s broke… Who will argue with a Troll?
You might say they’re definitely the dream come true, for the housewife of a tech.
I know, they worked for me… and I know, by heck, that they can work for you.

When happiness for those tech impaired… would come with the shiny and the new…
Once in a while… It’s the perfect thing… It’s the best darn excuse… It’s true!