Sands of Time

Written by: Terry Ledwell

Are we cleverly trapped within time,
While outrunning what's lost in the past,
As we're hoping the future we find,
Will become what we are just as fast...
As the hourglass fills with our sand,
That abundantly gathers to pile,
I reach up with both of my hands,
So those moments can last for a time...
It's like reaching for millions of stars,
As they fall from the heavenly sky,
Encased in an hourglass jar,
Then replacing each grain on the fly...
Which slips thru my fingers with ease,
Then gathers below at my feet,
Until it is up to my knees,
Entrapping me so indiscreet...
I'm cleverly trapped within time,
So I know my death has been planned,
And when that moment's arrived,
I will write my name in the sand...