food in oslo

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Food in Oslo 

Before pizza ruined Scandinavian cuisine it was wholesome,
 nourishing and tasted good. Ok, so it was plain and it didn´t 
have mysterious spices, the meat you ate tasted like meat or if
 a fish dish of fish, you know what you were eating. Food used 
to be a simple science about feeding people good food, this is 
no longer so as we are full, need not eat the usual to survive,
that is why food has become degeneration an entertainment
for the rich who do no longer see food as survival for the hard 
working but as a sort of enjoyment for the jaded palate. 
But I was walking around Oslo´s bleak streets I came across
a place called “Bondeheimen” they had meat cakes with boiled
potatoes and gravy and I knew good food will always prevail. 
Bondeheimen: “farmer´s home”