Watch The Puppets Dance

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The magic of the puppeteer’s hands, brings life through the strings
The mass of wooden limbs on the floor, unrecognisable as things
They all applauded as they watched the master puppeteer at work
He made his puppets dance, his duty he did not shirk.

Then the day arrived, they all became bored with dancing marionettes
The stage was empty, the puppeteer sad, the stage was up ‘For Let’
He vowed that he would win them back, and he reset his new stage
With magic in his masterful fingers, people returned of every age.

They clapped and begged, they shouted, they wanted to see more
Never had such a sight been seen, the puppets danced across the floor
He said my puppets I will dance, but one thing I ask of you
There will come a day a question I ask, I wonder what you will do.

They all cheered willing to pay the price the puppeteer called for
His dolls, the wooden limbs, rose and danced across the stage floor
Wooden limbs that came to life, all connected by some slight strings
The puppeteer manoeuvred them, they became as living things.

The crowd roared and asked for more they had never seen the like
He said now for the question I ask, you may answer as you like.
To keep the puppets dancing there is one thing I will ask from you
Will you always watch the puppets dance?  If so, I will see they do.

All agreed to pay the price to watch the magic puppets dance
He asked the question they all affirmed, quite willing to take a chance
Now you are mine, the stage is set, the curtains will open, all looks well
It’s time for you to follow me, then he pulled open the curtains to hell.

The audience became the puppets as he toured the wider world
Come see the magic dancers he cried, and watch the marionettes twirl
Never had there been such a show, the puppets they looked so real.
Until the audience started to stray, and anger the puppeteer did feel.

Once more he promised them magical dancing, even through hoops and rings
He tweaked and pulled, the puppets danced, as though there were no strings
But the strings were hid as long as they danced, and did what the puppeteer bid.
So read the print before you sign, never let the magical puppeteer you kid. 

© 7/01/2013 ~GG~

The Inspiration for this poem came From Harry J Horsman's "Entrapment"