Written by: Dan Adimi

A hole, dark and lonely,
A hill, steep and slippery,
The beginning of an apocalypse.

Like a soap opera,
So much drama ensues,
Over less important issues,
And all you are used to,
Seems too strange to you.

Like a cloud,
The world around you,
Crumbles into small pieces,
Just like the raindrops,
Until it exists no more.

So many questions in your mind,
 That have no answers that seem right,
So much doubt in your heart,
That even wrong seems right,
And your previous self, utopia.

Hurt, fuss and a soft cry,
Like an aura,
Always surrounds you.
How to abate this feeling,
How to find a feeling,
Of deep inside, peace.

Questions you can’t answer,
Solutions you can’t place,
And love you can’t embrace,
All, in your heart,
And inside you creating hurt. 

Despair sounds like a bang,
To you, your esteem seems despicable,
And your whole life,
Seems like a lie,
One that is white.

Life seems like an improperly placed puzzle,
Because without sense, it is in all,
And the rights are always wrong,
In the end of all you know,
With your heart always at war.

Confusion, like a pest crawls,
Into your life, a part of you owning,
And you realize, it’s all because of addiction.