Staring into a Log Fire

Written by: Terry Trainor

One winter evening things played heavily my mind did I had courage to face these sad reminders,
Staring into a blazing fire I saw many things I saw mostly sad things hardly any happy memories,
Dream faces from shadows look accusingly it breaks my heart to be reminded how little I ever did,
Hypnotized into another world I dared to think of some of my blackest thoughts rods of pain hurt me,
Sitting in my chair cut off from the world sparks crack bringing me back to my bleak cold misery,
Ghosts cross the threshold of my memories using a hidden doorway very deep within my sad heart,
Drawing the heavy black curtains together shut out the twilight gloom to sit cut off from everything
Shut out the darkness as night descends it frightens me and reminds me of my nasty selfishness
Then I close the heavy doors and lock them tightly then it's silence the fire my conscience and me
Do I dare to have a rendezvous with long gone absent friends do I dare to let go and feel any emotions.
Or do I carry on with my wasted life leaving a footprint of disappointment and failure not ever caring.