Only Fools Tell the Truth

Written by: Terry Trainor

When I was a child I spoke as a child my intelligence was distorted and disjointed,
I spoke about anything that came into my head and spoke it loud little did I care,
Taught by a wise old grandfather who would tell me, better to be a fool than a thief,
Truthful myself, I never expect deceit form others, tell me a story and I will believe.

As I grew older my trustfulness of human nature was hidden guilelessness of thought.
These days I am never deceived because I suspect of all hypocrisy in all that I meet,
I have a stake in the general universal in life and have a cut-throat part to play,
There are those in this world who are out of place in it they overpay and trust many.

These good people are treated with laughter and a supreme contempt in this mad world,
How can some be ridiculed and what supreme contempt is able to conceive towards them,
We pity all men that will believe anything, these men can be turned round any finger,
This too pliable disposition may have arrived from an over pitched standard of honesty.