Free Education

Written by: Terry Trainor

 sometimes wonder how many dark chapters are lost between the glitter of the details,
Flowers of the most beautiful bloom lay dead while artificial wreaths are being twined,
And how much do you think a poor man will have to pay to buy the smile of a rich man,
It is a sad fact that very often human happiness feeds and thrives on human miseries.

There are men prospering in stark proportion of the lesser man working for a pittance,
Some rear a superstructure of comfort on the foundations of another mans ruined hopes,
We hear hardened tales of misery in newspapers, televisions so often it has no effect,
Soul destroying factories, profit by repetitive tasks, cutting out long learned skills.

Even in these enlightened days where higher education is available to the rich and poor,
How can some of the poorer families get money to pay for their graduate's costly upkeep,
Can they purchase uniforms, books and pay for lodgings to be near the free university,
Free education is too expensive for working classes, so now we have it, nothing's changed.