Written by: Angelie Acapuyan

Unshed tears choking my senses, crying has never been this silent before,
And every wine, every spirit, every liquor,
Even the cool breeze outside from the peaceful heaven
Cannot take away the overdose of sadness that has befallen.

No stars, no moon, nothing
Just the pitch back pool above, exactly what I'm seeing
And feeling, that no one wants to feel and to understand
So I dive again into nothingness, drowning in the thoughts of my fantasy wonderland

Where nothing is real; the world is just a manufacturer of fake happiness,
While real happiness is sucked by others, unaware of the amount of distress
They've given, so I mold them into blocks of my life,
Covering me while I dig my own way to hell, lashing my wrist with a knife.

And my dear imaginary understanding friends,
No one knows I'm slowly dying inside, so I pretend
And wear that fake happiness that I bought, but I've cut my hair out of desperation
While every one's sleeping when I sulk and swim in my own state of depression.