The moon

Written by: mike williams

I look up at the sky
The moon ,it's on its way up
There is something that makes me hiccup

Hiccup with fear
That something is very,very near

Werewolves ,zombies
It is unclear

All I know
Something is very very near

What was near
I'm still unsure
But I look up at the sky
It looks really very pure

It rippled and rippled and rippled like water

And then I hear something
Oh no they've got her
They've got my sister

Then I feel my hands
They're starting to blister

What is happening I have no idea
Then out of nowhere
I have direreaha

Out of my behind
It comes with an "Olf"

Then out of nowhere
I turn to a werewolf

I scare off the men
They run to repent
I have come come to my sisters defence

But what has caused this
Was it the moon
I don't know now
But I hope to know soon