Written by: Noble Smalls

I look to a new day within myself with positive insights on life with dreams of being better. Self-improvement needed for my own soul for my heart to say, it can't do it anymore.  I refuse to be blinded by negative and vindictive people proving they cannot change. You have your way & I have mine, time will tell not in the eyes of men or women but in your own personal vindications.  

If I must walk alone on my chosen path, then so be it. I've been torn down & broken until I feel the pressure & pain.  Not a pain that can be felt within my heart, my soul, & mind. Though a pain that pushes me forward with goals of being great. 
A better man.  I'm fighting for myself because I know who I am, without anyone judging me.  As long as I can breathe & the sun rise I will make it.  If I have to crawl so be it. I'm not trying to win I'm trying to finish. My struggles & the people do not cripple me.  Believe what you see or what people say but I trust God & my heart that will beat strong long after I'm gone. 

You thinking that I'm wrong then you don't know me. You never tried.  You never felt the pain I've felt inside. To understand why & who I am. I’m just trying to do my best & to be a better man.