Written by: ilene bauer

In this modern day and age
When someone can’t be reached,
You must assume avoidance means
That etiquette’s been breached.

You leave a message on the phone
And write an e-mail, too.
You can’t think this communication
Hasn’t gotten through.

So you assume this person
Doesn’t care to hear your voice.
With several ways to reach you, well,
He surely has a choice.

The option to ignore you
Is the one it seems he’s chosen.
Your choices now are limited – 
You’re mired, stuck and frozen.

And so you wait and stew a bit
‘Cause you just can’t believe
The person you must really reach
Has up and taken leave.

In years gone by, such actions
Would anxiety produce;
But nowadays I shake my head
And think - there’s no excuse.