We live not for ourselves

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

All for you
The universe
The magnificent landscape
The abundant wild life
The populate human race
All for a purpose
Your purpose
To bring all to the knowledge of GOD
That all are created
For Your glory
Your enjoyment
Your wishes
All will serve This Purpose
All will accomplish their goals
That is what You will
And that will be done
You deemed it from the beginning
Your creation
Belongs to You
You will determine its work
Its accomplishment
Its mini purpose
Yours are yours
In their glorious splendor
To serve
To give
To achieve
Your objectives
Your assignments
In the whole scheme of things
Oh Magnificent Weaver
Majestic Organizer
You do it for all of us
To carry out your purpose
In life
We live not for ourselves
But yours
Who would ever know?