Teddy Bears

Written by: Owen Yeates

Me and my brother had teddy bears
Both were shorn and bald of hairs
The tale to you I will describe
It’s not one that fills me with pride

My dad had a pair of manual hair clippers
Which he kept hid from us nippers
But I’d found them once before
The goldfish found upon the floor

I had tried to give his fin a trim
After which on one side he did swim
The teddy bears were next in line
All their golden hair so soft and fine

I took the clippers to our room
I thought it time they had a groom
Sat down clippers at the ready
Picked up first my brothers teddy

Shaved them bald as they could be
My brother was not pleased with me
As I sat there like the barber of Seville
I was glad a look could not kill

I don’t  know what happened to the clippers
With the rubber handle grippers
Or the lovely teddy bears
Who ended up as teddy bares

Owen Yeates