What now

Written by: mandy cabral

I’m sorry I am who I am
One minute we were laughing and fine
What did I do wrong this time?
I was your best friend and you were mine
My loving you is starting to feel like a  crime.
I have tried over and over  to change for you but I don’t think I can
I knew our relationship always had some issues
We were the modern day romeo and Juliette 
I just did not think you would cause me to use so many tissues
Answer me what did I do wrong this time?
I'm laying in bed with my pillow all wet 
Those nights I spent up waiting for you just to talk till past midnight
I know your secrets, I have kept them all these years
They were just small memories, but I need to forget them now we’re in a fight
I know all of your deepest darkest fears
I guess you don’t know mine
Do you know what I feared most
My biggest fear is losing you
Guess what? I’m scared
It's coming from my heart and it's true
All I ever wanted was to know that you cared