Pot Pourri

Written by: Amanda Sullivan

Sense of smell,
sense of ones well being,
scents of Rose, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Ginger,
stuck to the very tip of thy nose,
trance like state,
decision to make,
which Pot Pourri must I take.

Takes me to a very safe place,
a place of tranquility, calm, and peace,
these situations are two a piece,
laying amongst the golden sands,
the grit between ones toes,
the feel of the gentle, trickle, of wave's beneath thy feet,
one will never admit defeat,
in the holy grail we will all eventually meet.

Will have to come back to reality,
Is this just a passing dream?,
What do all these delicious, mind bending scent's mean?,
a life in a rose garden is not extreme,
a farmhouse kitchen to fill with fresh scent's of herb's and sweets,
time to retreat,
one day we shall all meet,
in a land of flower's, tree's, and tremendous treat's.