The Next Step

Written by: Dan Adimi

Standing tall, away from a fall,
From a distance is a goal,
And like a football,
An aim so vivid is perceptible.

Tomorrow is a step away from today,
And more promising in a way,
Just like a dream is more likely,
To come to life tomorrow than today.

It takes a lifetime to live,
But only a fraction of a second to perish,
Life is short,
And only gets shorter after procrastination.

Each day is a struggle,
Just like a game of gamble,
With an urge to see tomorrow,
Come to life with fewer struggles.

Like hills and valleys,
Forecast is not easy,
And tomorrow has a different package,
From that of today.

Like a chess game,
The next step can be calculated,
With yesterday’s stay,
Making today, than yesterday great.

To live is to seek,
For a missing piece,
Of a puzzle, puzzling,
The heart whenever it is hurting.

The first step is always tougher,
The first strive is always higher,
And courage is always the ability,
To overcome fear.

A step is the quickest way to a place,
An action is the way to best rest,
And a belief is the bridge to success,
With the way to go being the next step.