Mister Black


Disguised as disease,
Stealing breath in degrees.
The original godfather,
A bloody mess isn't a bother.

Ambulance chaser,
Existence eraser.
His aura ebony, that Mr. Black,
Compelling mortal souls back.

Whether by nature or planned,
Pointing the emaciated hand.
Stark lugubrious dignified face,
Beckoning to a macabre place.

Eyes an infinite soulless abyss,
Claiming mortality with a cold kiss.
Climb aboard the long black train,
The destination a limbo-ed plane.

He travels with obscurity unfurled,
Wondering a sinful cynical world.
Crossroads ascend or descend,
A duty to impose the end.

A conductor demanding tickets please,
Humanity begging on scuffed knees.
Just one last chance to amend,
Reaper's tasks too definitive to unbend.

An equal opportunity employer,
A first class destroyer.
It's not a matter of how,but when.
He the ambassador of evanescence end.

Angel of death by name,
With indifference a soul he'll claim.
Age, gender, rich, poor, he doesn't care,
Whispering "Who promised a world so fair?."