Pains Aside

Written by: Juli- Michelle

What a bunch of brokens are we
Broken from the things we've seen
Who we are and who we've been 
Whether frail or plump or lean
Pains aside, look around you
At the people you hear and see
Those you know and the strangers
Now look right here upon me 
You may see what I've been doing
But hardly what I've done
You may think you know who I am
But you only see in the sun
Look in the shadows what's hiding
Everyone has their past
Their nightmares & mistakes together
Create a work that, with fear, can last
What a dark side each brother here
And each woman doth possess
Every soul upon this earth
Will have their fair share of distress 
Cast the pain aside you
You're no more broken than he
And hold your own, standing tall
No longer broken you'll be