The Keepers Ride

Written by: Susan Clark

The only light this eve is the bright glow of a crescent moon,
planets and stars.
A lone coyote cries his unnerving song.  Silence now, all but 
the love call of crickets.
Cacti are spread out in different locations upon this land.  
There is a sandy wash beneath my feet.
Approaching now is the thunder of hoofs.
Hear them?  Just around the bend over there?
Path covered by hanging branches of the mesquite trees.
Into the clear arrive painted ponies with eyes like smoldering coals,  
manes flowing in the still air.
Men ride with hair long and black.
Feathers worked into a leather band rest securely as crowns
upon their heads.
Once, four lifetimes ago their brand of justice rough, but exact 
payment for an innocent, brave, proud people... original keepers 
of the land.
Forgiving grandfathers of old ride even now for those who would 
obtain a divinely ordained vision quest.